How to Give Money as a Gift

Tomorrow is my big sister’s birthday. She is going to be 41. And since I am a little cheesy, I wanted to send her $41 in ones. But I wanted a unique and fun way to give it, plus easy and light, since I have to ship it. I had a small silver box lying around, dying to be used for this project/gift.

It was in need of a little help, so I added a little black & silver ribbon to it. Perfect.

Next, I taped the dollar bills, end to end and on both sides. I used scotch tape from the $1 store, so it would be easier to take apart. I didn’t think using my packing tape would be very wise.

Then I wound all of the connected bills in a roll.

Next, I placed the roll of money inside the box and taped the tail end to the lid of the box.

Gift of dollar bills, ready to give.

I can’t wait to send it to her and see what she says! Plus, I re-fashioned something for her as well and will be sharing it this week as well!

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  1. SHGrandma says

    Thanks for this idea. We are giving our grandson $50 for Christmas. This is a great way to make it fun. So much better than sticking a bill in a card! :) Love it!

  2. Marie Wilhelm says

    I love this! My family did something like this when my cousin had a baby shower. I used an empty baby wipe container as the box. Huge hit!


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