Favorite Pinterest Pins from this week

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  1. Abbie @ lovinourchaos says

    Thanks Rachel! I LOVE your posts about Thankfulness this month! I need to get over and comment on your blog as well! Are you on Pinterest?

  2. Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot says

    I love those little tin can lanterns and I especially love that organized shelf. I need one of those in my craft room…first I need a craft room

  3. Jersey Mama says

    I'm not on Pinterest. I've been avoiding it because I already spend soooo much time online, I don't need another thing to suck me in! ha!

  4. Abbie @ lovinourchaos says

    Stephanie: Oh wait until you get a craft room! They are sooo much fun and trouble!! 😉

    Rachel: I will just continue to pin my favorites from the week and you can enjoy them!

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