DIY Rapunzel Braid Hair Clip

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair…Crafty season is in full force and I know a ton of Mamas who are scurrying around to the many different craft stores and scouring Pinterest for great ideas. So here is an adorable and simple craft to complete this weekend. This post was actually from earlier this year when I made my daughter this fabulous, (if I must say so myself), Rapunzel Braid. It was easy to do and Missy Prissy loved it! Since this post is one of my most popular posts and a favorite on Pinterest, I decided to re-post again, especially for any new readers that I have that maybe didn’t get to see this post. Happy creating! And P.S….if you do make one, send me a picture, as I would love to share it here on Lovin’ Our Chaos!

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Raise your hand if your princess loves Rapunzel. Raise your hand (or your princess’s hand) if she would love a Rapunzel braid to clip in her hair…

And for those of you that love to look at crafts but would rather buy, you can purchase one through

Rapunzel Braid Hair Clip

Supply List

Yarn (I chose a soft cotton blend)
French clip
Hot Glue
Rhinestones or Buttons

1. Started off by using my two barstools to wind the yarn. Once I got a nice thick section of yarn, I cut it through both ends and combined. This provided me with a good section of yarn hair for the braid. I also used a small piece of yarn to tie around and secure it.

2. Next, I cut out 2 felt circles, in which I would secure the braid to.

3. I then braided the yarn, just like a normal ‘human’ braid.

4. Glued a felt circle on each side of the braid and then glued the excess felt together. This makes a strong backing that can hold the weight of the braid.

5. I cut out a few different size and colors of felt flowers and glued them together, stacking when necessary. The big flowers were glued to the round felt pieces and the small flowers were glued to the braid itself.

6. This flower was slightly smaller and was glued to the bottom of the braid.

7. Here it is on the bottom of the braid, with the tail of ‘hair’ sticking out.

8. Next, I took my french clip and removed the spring from it and ran a bead of glue on the back. I then secured it to the felt circle.

9. I glued a small piece of felt over the clip and replaced the spring.

10. Voila! A Rapunzel Braid Hair Clip, fit for a Princess!


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    This is so pretty and would be a perfect addition to the Disney Rapunzel outfit!
    My Granddaughter has one that her Mom purchased at the Disney store and it is no where NEAR as pretty as this one!!!
    You did a great job Abbie and the tutorial is great!

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