Wall Art

Wall Art is a staple of any home decor today. But how does one choose the best ‘fit’ for their wall, and especially after a re-model?
Wall Art after a Re-Model

As most of my family, friends and readers know, the Lovin’ Our Chaos house always has a project going on. But we took on a HUGE project at the beginning of 2014, which included ripping out all of the downstairs flooring, staining and finishing the concrete for the second time and oh yeah, ripping out all of the interior walls. Talk about a major renovation project! I tend to come up with these grandiose ideas and visions of what I want and then expect my darling husband to make it happen. And 95% of the time, the hunny comes through for me. (We will talk about that ‘other’ 5% later…)

Living Room Remodel

So after ripping out the walls and re-staining and sealing our concrete floors, I was ready to put all of my furniture back in their new places.

Stained Concrete Floor

With the furniture situated correctly, I started to look at all of the empty wall space. How was I going to fill it?

I already have enough gallery walls of pictures and mirrors.

where there are children collage

mirror collage  ‘

And just recently, I added my collage wall, including my Peacock Canvas Art and 15 Minute Flower Canvas Art.

DIY Simple & Quick Peacock Canvas Art

Quick & Simple DIY Flower Canvas

But even after creating all of these ‘projects’ and gallery walls, I find that I still have a few spots that need a little something. And I think I found that ‘something’ here at Minted.com. Imagine my surprise, when I learned that a business known for it’s Holiday Cards would have such an amazing selection of Wall Art.

While I am still a little obsessed with peacocks, I did try and narrow my selection down to a few pieces. Here is what I chose:

Choosing Wall Art after a Re-Model

I am thinking that the Peacock is a little too much, but what do you think? Which option would you choose and what size? I like the fact that minted.com gives you options, such as choice of frame (I like the reclaimed barn wood frame) and size of print, which goes from 5×7, all the way up to 44×60. I also love it when a company supports a charity through various purchases and many people most likely do not realize that Minted contributes 2% of the sales from their works of art to help protect global maternal health alongside the organization Every Mother Counts. What an amazing opportunity to purchase wall art, yet help women globally! You can read more about Minted.com’s involvement with this charity here.

So now for me to make the hardest decision, which Wall Art is going to be the perfect choice for our living/family room after our major remodel?! I would love to hear which print has your vote; just comment below.


This is a sponsored post for Minted.com